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Dream Coworking

DreamCowork is online platform and software for coworking and meetings in virtual reality. Inspired by idea to merge WeWork (modern coworking) and Slack (efficient enterprise communication) experiences in virtual reality, aside from such traditional collaboration tools as e-mail, chats and video conferencing.

Problems which our product resolves

High cost of travel for remote teams and colleagues

No opportunity to work together in common environment

Too little personal communication and presence with remote teams and colleagues

High cost of travel

Getting together with friends and colleauges from different locations

Lack of networking opportunities

New work experience

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DreamCowork provides cost-efficient tool for personal communication with remote teams and colleagues. It gives remote colleagues and professionals opportunity to collaborate in coworking space in virtual reality
Simulation of real physical world
Virtual Reality Meetings
B2B and B2C Coworking Simulation
Teams Collaboration


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Tel:+49 (89) 41856987 (Germany)

Beta is live on Steam since

May 2021